DesignFxPro Reborn – Our New Identity

Having been in the industry for the past 11 years, DesignFxPro maintained the looks of it’s website not to mention the identity that we carry. We thought that change is part of progress so we’ve decided to redesign not only our website but our logo as well. We tried to keep everything simple without losing the creativity in our brand:

designfxpro logo

User Experience is another thing we considered before we redesign our website. Now, DesignFxPro’s new website is a single parallax page and the user’s can easily navigate in to every pages. The loading time is twice as fast and viewing our works is as easy as 123.

DesignFxPro Web Screenshot

DesignFxPro Website Screenshot

There are a lot of things going on right now but we will make sure to give everyone some quality design works, freebies, articles and help whenever we can. You can easily contact us by going to our website or by sending us an email at Subscribe to our mailing to keep you updated to our latest articles, tutorials and freebies.



  1. Great work guys!!! I’ve been really thinking lately if you guys have any plan on redesigning your website and now here it is. I am looking forward for great contents and designs. Good luck!!!

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